Agriculture - 2021-02-15

Why Fly In The Face of Technology?

Another Augmenta System delivered! This time to a client who will replace an old biplane crop-duster with the latest Augmented Agriculture has to offer.

One of Augmenta's valued CIS clients in the Ukraine has decided to replace his old biplane crop-duster (pictured) with the Augmenta System.

Biplane crop-duster

The contrast could not be starker. While crop-dusting does allow for the fertilization of large holdings typical of the Ukraine, it is notoriously imprecise and wasteful. Moreover, health concerns caused by spray drift have become a real deterrent to aerial applications in recent years.

Pilot helmets and goggles have been willingly swapped for a tractor driver's cap and hi-tech Augmented Agriculture. Having been introduced to our revolutionary fully autonomous real-time VR (Variable Rate) application system by our Ukraine sales representatives, the customer could immediately see the potential benefits of the transformation.

Such enthusiasm is bound to be rewarded. Like others already part of the Augmenta Partners Network around the world, the customer can expect reduced costs and waste, while yield and profitability are substantially boosted. Importantly, the decreased environmental impact enabled by the Augmenta System promotes best agricultural practices and sustainability.

Augmenta Ukraine

So, the customer and his farming operations can continue to fly high, while still keeping his boots firmly planted on the ground!

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